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Earlier this year, we launched our first public health website for Pottawattamie County.

While we’ve worked with public health departments through our development of county websites, this is the first time we’ve created a stand-alone public health website. At the start of the project, Maria Sieck, public health administrator, and Brittany McGee, promotions coordinator, shared their must-haves for the site: easy to update, inviting design, and user-friendly for the public to navigate.

The new website is a great mix of visuals and information. Members of our community can access links on our website both quickly and easily to navigate to their desired resource thanks to the user-friendly layout.

Maria SieckPublic Health Administrator

Based on how direct their needs for the site were, we skipped our design mock-up phase and jumped right into a quasi-interactive preview. The preview showcased a new bright and friendly design based on their logo colors, our suggested navigation structure, and homepage calls to action.

Using their feedback, we built out the rest of the site, transferring content and formatting it to match the site’s new design. The site is broken into user-friendly sections based on services: recycling, public health, environmental health, and animal control. Website visitors can click into their desired section to find more information.

In addition to these sections, the website features news, a staff directory, and board of health meeting minutes and agendas.

Pottawattamie County Public Health staff members can edit the site anytime using Mint Chip Lab, our proprietary content management system. Specific modules for News, Content Pages, and Meetings, make it simple to make additions.

“We truly feel that this website was built to have the ability to grow as our public health department does,” Sieck shared.

Vaccination Appointments

Before building out their new public health website, we worked with Pottawattamie County Public Health to build a vaccination appointment system as COVID-19 vaccines became available. The system provided a way for the public to make an appointment online and receive reminders with instructions as their appointment date approached. We just launched a similar appointment system for Lyon County Public Health.

Website users can choose from available time slots and then fill out a form with their information and any questions they may have.  They will then receive confirmation of their appointment. Staff members set available appointment times through Mint Chip Lab. The system saves website visitors and staff members time.

Screenshot of appointment system on laptop and appointment notifications on a mobile device

Website visitors could make appointments by registering for an available timeslot online. Once an appointment was created, confirmation messages were displayed, QR codes were generated, and texts and emails were sent.

By having the ability to schedule people to get their vaccine, we were able to maintain control of the pace in which people came into our clinic in a way that provided a safe and efficient clinic for everyone.

Brittany McGeePromotions Coordinator

We are thrilled that this site expands our government service offerings and are excited to see how we help more government agencies and organizations in the future. Thank you to Pottawattamie County Public Health for making this achievement possible!

The Neapolitan Labs team was able to take concepts that we liked and formed a website that blew us away! Their team was extremely prompt, and always listening to our ideas to help bring our vision to life!

Brittany McGeePromotions Coordinator
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