About Neapolitan Labs

Our Mission

To provide businesses and organizations a foundational digital presence that delivers continual growth.

Our History

In 2004, Brian McMillin founded McMillin Web Development in Mount Vernon, Iowa. Throughout the following 12 years, he and his team developed dozens of websites for small businesses and organizations of varying sizes. With projects added each year, the team grew to accommodate the growing client portfolio.

In 2016, Neapolitan Labs was born during a rebranding retreat in Santa Barbara, California. A total rebranding strategy was executed over the course of 48 hours, including the launch of a new website and social media presences. The name is near and dear to our Founder’s heart, combining two of his passions: technology and ice cream.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Brian McMillin


Brian has developed dozens of websites for businesses and organizations for more than a decade. Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Cornell College, he has extensive background in web development, search engine optimization, and social media strategy.

Fun Facts:
Between 2008 and 2011, Brian visited and photographed every town and county in Iowa. His favorite sport is baseball, and he's watched games at over 35 major and minor league stadiums. He lives in central Iowa with his wife Amanda and their three kids, Noah, Emmie, and Eilidh.

Favorite Ice Cream:
Goat Cheese and Red Cherries

Caley Lewis

Chief Business Officer

Caley is well versed in all facets of business with an emphasis on software development, project management, and marketing. She has a dual Masters in Business Administration and Project Management. She has managed projects for startups as well as corporations. Her priorities in every project are the client, the solution, and executing the plan efficiently.

Fun Facts:
Caley won first place in Regionals for Lincoln Douglas debate while also breaking her High School’s record of most made three-pointers in a season. She once had a cat named Sprinkles and her favorite movie is Orange County.

Favorite Ice Cream:
Mint Chocolate Chip

Caleb Lewis

Lead Developer

Caleb has a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. He spent most of his professional career managing an insurance company's large database. With a minor in computer science and wealth of knowledge in all things tech, he is the one behind the scenes making sure all of the pieces of data are being compiled, articulated, and converted.

Fun Facts:
Caleb is an avid KC sports fan. He played college basketball at Central Methodist University. He also loves music of every genre and enjoys going to concerts.

Favorite Ice Cream:
Joe's KC Burnt Ends & Sauce

Loren Cook

Creative Director

Born and raised in the Heartland, Loren always dreamt of moving somewhere on the coast. As a Kansas City, Missouri native she acquired her BFA in Graphic Design at the Kansas City Art Institute, and got her first taste of a new place from traveling around the world. Following graduation, she took an intern position at an advertising firm, but decided it was time to switch it up and put her graphic design super powers to the test in sunny Santa Barbara, California.

Fun Facts:
When she isn’t at her computer, she enjoys the outdoors, laughing till she cries, the occasional gym visit, and a place where her sarcasm is more than appreciated.

Favorite Ice Cream:
Turkish Coffee

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