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Some of our friends who have shared a scoop or two with us:

Pleasantville Community School District

The Pleasantville Community School District project was a full 360 project, as we turned a dated, hard-to-manage website in one that was modern, mobile-friendly, and easy to update. We ensured overall branding was consistent throughout the site, and created a very user-friendly administrative system that allowed for easy adding, removing, and editing of news, board minutes, photos, policies, and more. 

We included quick links to social, a 6-day calendar snapshot, a weather widget, and made the entire site searchable. Understanding the website’s target audience and their behavior drove decisions behind the design and added elements. After going live we continued to provide support and supplied the client with an instructional booklet for reference and as a training tool going forward.

Ottumwa Chamber of Commerce

We worked with the Ottumwa Chamber of Commerce to revamp their website to be fully responsive, more functional and easier to navigate, and an overall better user experience for their site visitors. Along with refining the front-end of the website, we created a more manageable back-end to make it easy for staff to make updates.

We worked to keep Chamber members at the forefront of our design efforts, making sure listings were easy to find alphabetically, by category, or by search. Finally, we brought the latest Facebook posts to the homepage and created quick navigation links to their social accounts for more up-to-date news and photos.

Travel Federation of Iowa

Our goal for the Travel Federation of Iowa was to provide a very modern, informative, and easy-to-navigate website. This site helps socialize the tourism economy of Iowa as well as provide easily accessible documentation on key bills and legislation which impacts Iowa destinations.

We implemented the site as a single access point to keep people informed, with stats, news, and contact information. We implemented an intuitive and simple sign up form to make the process of becoming a district leader as easy as possible. TFI was defined in their vision, and a joy to work with!


We loved working with SHARE Iowa to completely revamp their website; less technical hurdles for the organization means more time for the team to focus on things that matter most and less on technical logistics. Helping them better help others was important and fulfilling to us.

“We had a great experience partnering with Neapolitan Labs to redevelop our website for SHARE Iowa. The site now features a fresh design, is mobile-friendly, and easy-to-navigate. It’s easy for our site visitors to find our monthly menu and place their orders, and it’s equally easy for our staff to process orders and update the menu each month. We appreciate the hands-on guidance we received throughout the development process, with prompt communication and on-site visits to set the project scope, review progress, and ensure training sessions were held and our staff needs were met.”

– Becky Newman, Executive Director, SHARE Iowa

The Beach Ottumwa

We had a ton of fun building out a brand new website for this destination indoor and outdoor water park. We kept the site simple with focus on great imagery and key information to ensure it was both enjoyable and useful for visitors!

Webb Shadle Memorial Library

“Neapolitan Labs did a fantastic job of upgrading our dated website. Our site is now more colorful, easier to use, and works well on mobile devices. This upgrade has allowed us to update the site easier and allows us to inform the public of upcoming news and events at the library. The site is now more organized and allows users easier access to key information like hours, policies and the online catalog. Our end product was very satisfactory and very reasonable in price. ”

– JoEllen Collins, Director, Webb Shadle Memorial Library

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