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Since its inception in 2004, Neapolitan Labs has focused on the development and implementation of content management systems that make website updates easy and efficient, even for non-technical users. From newspapers to tourism bureaus to cities and counties, we’ve built systems to make it easy to post news, curate listings, add photos, and share bogs. We officially unveiled Mint Chip Lab in 2019, incorporating all of the best features built for clients from our first 15 years as a company.

Mint Chip Lab powers over a dozen county election websites, making it easy for local election officials to post sample ballots, results, and other key election information.

Mint Chip Lab now powers more than 30 websites, primarily organizations for city, county, and regional government. We’ve worked with our clients to build a set of core modules to make it easy to update content pages, upload files, update the navigation, and perform other essential website tasks. Then, as we’ve added new clients with new needs, we’ve built custom modules to make their workflows as simple as possible.

Popular Modules

  • Alerts
  • Bid Notices & RFPs
  • Blog
  • Calendar
  • Elected Officials
  • Interactive Map
  • Meetings & Minutes
  • Newsletters
  • Parks
  • Permits, Policies & Programs
  • Things to Do

While Mint Chip Lab is built to make site management efficient and easy, our database-driven approach to storing information allows our public-facing front-end websites to be completely customized to meet our client needs. This combination yields a “best-of-both-worlds” situation for our clients: A choice doesn’t have to be made between modern design and a reliable content management system.

Sites powered by Mint Chip Lab include Unleash Council BluffsPottawattamie CountyMarshall County Elections (and 13 other county election websites), the City of Riverside, and Watta Way.

We’d love to work with your business or organization and set up a demo of our Mint Chip Lab platform to share how truly intuitive and easy it is to use, and how it could be a fit to power your online presence. Drop us an email at, or give us a call at (515) 999-5221, today!

Louisa County needed a way to provide election results and election information to our citizens efficiently and reliably. Neapolitan Labs provided that with a user-friendly website that is extremely pleasing to the eyes!

Sandi ElliottLouisa County Auditor & Commissioner of Elections
Brian McMillin

Brian has developed dozens of websites for businesses and organizations for more than a decade. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Cornell College, he has an extensive background in web development, search engine optimization, and social media strategy, including nearly 10 years working in a digital strategy role at a major national media company. | (515) 999-5221