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As we say goodbye to summer and welcome the colder season, we can’t help but look back on the summer’s highlights, particularly our annual Neapolitan Labs Summit. This year the team gathered in Kansas City, Missouri, for a fun-filled weekend planned by Neapolitan Labs President, Brian McMillin, and Chief Business Officer, Caley Lewis.

Neapolitan Labs team members on the roof of Boulevard Brewing looking out at Kansas City skyline.

It was great to spend time in person with the Neapolitan Labs team. We've grown so much since the pandemic, and the summit reflected the first opportunity for many of our team members to meet each other in person.

Brian McMillinPresident

Friday: Meetings, Brewery Tour, Dinner, & Karaoke

The weekend’s festivities kicked off on Friday with meetings about our products and services and how we can continue to improve them for our clients. We’ve since launched one of those features, a “My Favorites” tool for Mint Chip Lab that allows users to save their most used modules to the top of the Mint Chip Lab homepage. We can’t wait to share more soon!

After our meetings, we took a tour of Boulevard Brewing Company and learned about the history of the brewery, how they make their products, and how the Kansas City-based business has grown. After exploring the brewery and some photo booth fun, we enjoyed barbeque-fare at CharBar and ended up filling up a bit too much on appetizers to fully enjoy our meals.

From there we headed to our team bonding activity for the day: karaoke. Team members Nick Landkamer, Jill Reisinger, and Chris Reed stole the show with their showmanship and musical talent!

Saturday: Business Meeting & Competition

For the weekend’s main event, we rented a historic home/event space in Liberty, MO, for our annual business meeting. Brian and Caley shared the history of Neapolitan Labs for our newest team members, highlights and growth since our last annual meeting, and their goals for the coming year.

“I always enjoy presenting with Caley at the business meeting, sharing the metrics, growth, and vision for Neapolitan Labs and its future,” Brian says.

Then the annual competition for the Neapolitan Labs trophy began! We split up into two teams and kicked things off at the local bowling alley and from there moved to a pickleball competition at Chicken N Pickle. After a successful showing at the bowling alley and on the pickleball court, Caley’s team won the trophy this year!

Sunday: Brunch & Goodbyes

The weekend ended with a delicious brunch on Sunday morning as our team members said their goodbyes. It was a wonderful weekend to spend looking ahead at Neapolitan Labs’ future and bonding with our team members. Stephanie Hernandez, our director of enterprise sales said it best, “This summit was so fun! I learned a lot at the business meeting and felt like all activities were so fun and engaging. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Neapolitan Labs team members at brunch in Kansas City.

My favorite part of this year, and every annual summit, is getting to be around our team members. It’s always a fun time and a great opportunity to learn about our team in a more personal and casual way.

Caley LewisChief Business Officer
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