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Neapolitan Labs for Elections

Custom-built county election websites to provide residents with voting information, sample ballots, precinct maps, election results, and more.

Neapolitan Labs has collaborated with Auditor’s Offices in more than a dozen Iowa counties to create standalone websites dedicated to elections.

Designed to be a single source for all things related to elections and voting, the websites feature information about how to vote, where to vote, upcoming election dates, sample ballots, past results, a searchable of elected officials, and more.

Best of all, each County Auditor’s Office can keep the website up-to-date via a robust content management system that is extremely easy-to-use.

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Key Website Features

Our proprietary content management system Mint Chip Lab allows Clients to easily update and maintain every section of their websites.

It’s simple to add news, upload election results, and keep the directory of elected officials up-to-date. Frequently asked questions, elected officials, and election results are searchable, and there are no limits to archived data kept on the website.

Neapolitan Labs is dedicated to helping County Auditors launch customized, modern websites that are easy to use and update, at a very competitive price point.

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Sharing information with the voters in Clinton County is a top priority for us. One of the keys to that communication is a clean, easy-to-use website. We struggled to find a solution to that for a long time. Thankfully, Neapolitan Labs turned out to be a very affordable solution. The website is easy to navigate and just as easy for staff to update. I wish I had this solution earlier, but am extremely happy I have it now!

Eric Van LanckerCounty Auditor & Commissioner of Elections | Clinton County, Iowa | (515) 999-5221