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Earlier this year, we accomplished something we may not have thought possible just days before: we developed a full county website in three days.

That definitely wasn’t our original plan though. Adair County signed on as a client with us on March 10 for a new website. We planned to launch the site on our standard 12 to 16-week timeline. This provides us time to gather and review website content, create and approve a design, and time to meet 1:1 with each county department about their individual pages on the new site.

Neapolitan Labs has been wonderful to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our new website! We are so thankful that they were willing to take on a challenge and get our website built within such a short time frame.

Mandy BergAdair County Auditor

On March 24, two weeks before our planned department 1:1 meetings, Adair County reached out to us with news that their current site was compromised by malware. They asked if we could build a temporary site as a placeholder until the new site was complete. 

As an experiment and wanting to be as efficient as possible, we suggested an accelerated full-site build. We’re thrilled to say that it was a success!

Our lead software engineer, Caleb Lewis, built out the infrastructure and Mint Chip Lab environment in 24 hours, allowing our president, Brian McMillin, and senior project manager, Kimber Box, to then focus on the design and content transfer of the site. Brian, Kimber, Caleb, and Stephanie, our director of enterprise sales, all contributed to the site build over that weekend and by Monday afternoon the site was live!

While the new website still had some additions and edits following our 1:1 meetings, we are so glad we acted quickly to replace the compromised site.

“We now have a safe and secure website for our county residents and employees to access that is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and filled with rich content,” Mandy Berg, Adair County Auditor said. “Plus, it looks great!”

We hope that in the future we can replicate this feat with other clients in similar predicaments.

We love how easy it is to make updates and changes to the website using Mint Chip Lab and all Neapolitan Labs employees are always quick to respond if we ever have any questions or need help. They made the transition to the new site so easy and we couldn’t recommend them enough!

Mandy BergAdair County Auditor

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