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Get election information out to voters quickly and conveniently with Neapolitan Labs’ election solutions for county auditors.

From a Find Your Polling Place feature to news and alerts to frequently asked questions, our election websites and add-ons are developed to make it easier than ever before for your residents to learn how to register to vote, the rules of absentee voting, upcoming election information, and more.

Find Your Polling Place

This “Where Do I Vote” feature makes it easy for voters to find their polling location and sample ballots ahead of an election. We utilize your data on polling place locations (a simple export from iVoters) to allow website users to search by their city name or zip code. After entering their address, they receive election details, their polling location address, a map to the location, and sample ballots.

View a walkthrough of the process in our Find Your Polling Place video below!

Election Websites

Jones County Voter Registration tool from the Jones County, Iowa, Election website.We are proud to work with 23 county auditors in Iowa on standalone election websites. The sites are designed for convenience for both auditor staff members and the public. The sites provide:

Mint Chip Lab, our proprietary content management system, powers the sites and makes it simple for staff members to make updates. Plus, support is always available from our team, especially on election nights.

Most Recent Election Site Launches

Buena Vista County
Launched May 2022
Allamakee County
Launched April 2022
Ringgold County
Launched January 2022
Ready to streamline your election communications ahead of the 2022 General Election or looking for other solutions? We’d love to connect.
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We signed our agreement for Neapolitan Labs to create our elections website on October 4th and they had it ready to push live on October 8th. Exceeded all expectations! They were incredibly helpful, professional and quick to respond to questions.

Amanda WaskeRinggold County Auditor

Graphic of open envelope - Ballots Out in the MailCounty Auditor Social Media Toolkit

Do you need assistance with social media graphics for the upcoming election? Check out our social media kit for Iowa’s County Auditors.

Our low-cost subscription includes access to more than 45 images that are ready to post to your office’s Facebook page. From special office hours to ballot deadlines to voter ID reminders, we’ve compiled high-quality images to associate with your social media posts.

To sign up or learn more about this offering, email us at!

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