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Social media has permanently changed the way people interact, communicate, and share information with their families and friends. Businesses and organizations are now expected to be active on social media, sharing photos, videos, and other information to their existing and potential followers.

Along these lines, many Iowa County Auditors have taken to social media to communicate important election information to their residents. Posts are made to remind users of absentee voting deadlines, changes to polling locations, reminders of voter ID requirements, and many other election-related topics. With COVID-19 closing many offices to the public, social media has become an even more valuable resource for communication.

At Neapolitan Labs, we want to help make social media management easier for County Auditors. That’s why we’ve introduced our Social Media Toolkit for County Auditors, which provides access to dozens of high-resolution, eye-catching images that are ready for Auditors to share on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. These images are even customized with local branding, including the county seal and website address!

Images are built in a square format to maximize screen space when they appear in user social media feeds.

In addition to our set of included images, we provide an allotment of on-demand social media image creation over the course of the toolkit subscription. If there’s a local message that needs to be amplified with a custom social graphic, we’ll create it for the County Auditor.

In addition to posts, our team has prepared Best Practices documents outlining tips for scheduling social media posts and understanding Facebook’s analytics to see how many users viewed and interacted with the posts they’ve made.

Want to learn more? For pricing information and/or other product details, contact us at (515) 999-5221 or We’d love to work with your county!

Brian McMillin

Brian has developed dozens of websites for businesses and organizations for more than a decade. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Cornell College, he has an extensive background in web development, search engine optimization, and social media strategy, including nearly 10 years working in a digital strategy role at a major national media company. | (515) 999-5221