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In the last few months, we worked closely with longtime client Cardinal Community School District to relaunch their website, highlight their alumni, and assist with social media.

Website Relaunch

Cardinal CSD’s redesigned website boasts new, modern features, including a video header, customizable quick links, an integrated calendar on their homepage, placement for district highlights, and a new alumni section.

“The new site gives Cardinal a modern, professional look,” Cardinal Superintendent Joel Pedersen says. “We are reaching more people with enhanced functions and an aesthetically pleasing design.”

Neapolitan Labs has been a partner with Cardinal CSD for 10+ years and I can't see that partnership ever ending.

Joel PedersenCardinal CSD Superintendent

Alumni Profiles

Part of the website launch includes a new section to highlight Cardinal alumni. By working with the Cardinal team, we’ve interviewed and profiled five alumni for the site with more to come. The profiles explore each alumni’s memories at Cardinal, how the district prepared them for the future, and how Cardinal lessons still affect their lives today.

Social Media Assistance

Last summer, we launched social media toolkits for school districts. The toolkits include personalized social media graphics for holidays, sporting events, school announcements, and more. In addition to providing this tool for Cardinal, we are curating posts, creating written and video content to share, and assisting with Facebook scheduling.

One of Cardinal’s personalized graphics from our social media toolkit.

News & Notifications

Timely communication with parents and community members is essential, and we’re proud to have expanded our relationship with Cardinal to include services to help get their messages out. Text alerts can now be sent to parents and staff members directly from our Neapolitan Labs for Education content management system, and we’re launching a newsletter in March to keep subscribers updated with all district happenings.

Mobile App Officially Launched (September 2021 Update)

We are excited about our latest project with Cardinal CSD: a mobile app. Developing a mobile app has been a longtime goal at Neapolitan Labs, and we are thrilled to announce its launch for iOS and Android.

“With the rollout of our app, we were able to take our time and create a beautiful and functional app that is easy to use,” Caley Lewis, Neapolitan Labs chief business officer, says. “We have a long-standing relationship with Cardinal, and we are thrilled they have our first app in the market.”

Though Cardinal’s website is already mobile-friendly, the app makes it even easier for parents, students, and staff to stay connected with Cardinal on their devices. The app’s features include the district’s event calendar and the ability to receive push notifications.

“Push notifications enable Cardinal schools to broadcast important and useful information to parents’ smartphones at a moment’s notice,” Daniel Galarza, Neapolitan Labs chief technology officer, says. “This can help strengthen communication and reduce dependency on emails and phone calls.”

Learn more about the app by reading our announcement blog post, and download it now on the App Store or Google Play Store!

App Store badge    Google Play badge

I am excited to explore other innovations that we can add to the app in the future. Many possibilities for innovation are opened up that were previously out of reach.

Daniel GalarzaChief Technology Officer
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