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We are thrilled that Neapolitan Labs team member Daniel Galarza has accepted a new position as our Chief Technology Officer.

“Daniel brings a ton of skills, perspectives, and a unique vision to our company,” Chief Business Officer Caley Lewis says. “This will allow us to really grow technically and build off of our strong foundation.”

Since late 2019, Daniel has worked with us to create innovative solutions for web development.

“I hope to bring new tech and digital strategy ideas to the table,” Daniel says. “If there are cool things that we might not be doing that could fit in with our portfolio, I want to pursue those and help us be on the cutting edge of technology.”

Daniel’s background in computer science and technology began at a young age thanks to an early love of computers and a strong engineering presence in his hometown of Rolla, Missouri. Though his tech-driven interests at first revolved around video production, media, and mass communication, Daniel’s choice to pursue computer science came down to career prospects.

“Ultimately, it was a practical decision based on the value of the skill,” Daniel recalls. “I compared the industries and realized everything is in software now. Everything is touching that field.”

Daniel’s acceptance of a full-ride scholarship to the University of Missouri in Kansas City solidified that decision. While pursuing his degree there, he began his relationship with Neapolitan Labs by working with Caley.

To put it simply, I love making cool stuff.

Daniel GalarzaChief Technology Officer

“I first met Daniel back in undergraduate college,” Caley shares. “We collaborated on various projects over the years. I would bring him an idea and he would bring the idea to life.”

The two continued to work together and keep in touch until late 2019 when she reached out to Daniel about working with the Neapolitan Labs team.

“Ultimately, I chose to work with Neapolitan Labs because I knew Caley from past experience, and I really enjoyed working with her and her mindset,” Daniel says. “It seemed like a good opportunity for me to grow and be able to also output some good quality software and websites.”

Compared to a corporate setting, Daniel was happy to have an opportunity to work on multiple aspects of projects rather than a specific area of focus like he has experienced in the past. This freedom provides him the opportunity to make a larger impact.

“To put it simply, I love making cool stuff,” Daniel says. “We’re at a point that software is really just becoming so slick and intuitive. Being able to be part of that and to create that and evoke feelings or actions from people via software is just an amazing thing.”

Daniel’s passion for creating high-quality products that connect with others isn’t exclusive to his work life. It can be seen even in his hobbies of creating electronic music and playing guitar.

“There might be some kind of ethereal similarities between music and websites in an artistic sense of how you strike a balance between things,” Daniel says. “I think with music and with websites that if you really work on something and refine it, you can make something that people will enjoy and notice.”

Daniel is excited to put this same care and standard of quality into practice in his new position with Neapolitan Labs.

“I’m excited to grow with Neapolitan and learn together,” Daniel says. “This field is evolving so fast, this industry is evolving so fast that you can’t be comfortable. I think it’s awesome that we’re all on this journey together and can take whatever is thrown at us and innovate.”

The Neapolitan Labs team is grateful to have Daniel on board and looks forward to what the future holds.

Daniel has a drive to build solutions to even the toughest problems. He has always been a solution-oriented problem solver that never backed down from a challenge, and I am extremely thankful to have him bring that tenacity to our company in this leadership role.

Caley LewisChief Business Officer
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