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Neapolitan Labs recently launched a new website for WHHI-TV, a local television station in Beaufort County, South Carolina.

We designed the WHHI website to engage users with new content from the moment they visit the station’s homepage. Website users are immediately greeted with a grid of the station’s latest video clips and a search bar to help them find a video they’re looking for. The grid is updated daily with content from the station.

“Our hope for the website is for it to become a place that people are constantly coming to for the latest and greatest from WHHI,” says Kimber Box, Neapolitan Labs’ senior project manager.

Neapolitan Labs understood our vision and how we needed the website to function so that we can better serve our viewers, our partners, and ultimately drive more traffic to our website.

Jessa JeremiahGeneral Manager, WHHI-TV

Other website features include an updated program schedule. On the station’s previous website, the program schedule was only accessible through a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. Now, thanks to a custom-made module through our proprietary Mint Chip Lab platform, the program schedule is accessible in a mobile-friendly format on the Program Schedule page and upcoming programming is included in a “What’s on Air” section on the homepage.Excerpt of WHHI's program schedule page with show times, name, and type.

“This site will make it easy for our viewers to find videos, see what’s coming up on the air, and learn all about our station,” says Wayne Morris, Byrne Media Chief Operating Officer.

The website is broken up into three main pages: Local News, Local Talk, and Local Sports. Site visitors can quickly access the latest from WHHI in one of these three categories from the site’s main navigation. A second, smaller navigation bar provides links to the site’s other core pages, including how to become a sponsor. In order to encourage sponsorships, the page features a prominent slider that shares success stories from those who have sponsored WHHI in the past.

The WHHI website is built to easily incorporate ads from sponsors through our Ads module. Staff members can use the module to determine ad placements, add start and end dates, and upload ad creative in multiple sizes. The site is designed in a way to highlight the ads while also making it so they don’t seem out of place.

All of these site features were discussed at length during meetings with WHHI staff members to make sure we were meeting their goals and site needs.

“Brian and his team have a unique ability to listen and learn and then translate that information into an ideal website,” Wayne says. “The process was thorough with consistent meetings that moved the project along efficiently.”

Mint Chip Lab platform dashboard for WHHI-TV

Custom modules were built to meet the needs of WHHI-TV.

The backend of Mint Chip Lab is extremely user friendly and makes website edits quick and simple. It is the most user friendly backend we have seen.

Wayne MorrisChief Operating Officer, Byrne Media

Partnering with Byrne Media

Last year, we partnered with WHHI’s parent company, Byrne Media, to develop websites for their clients. Thanks to connections from previous employers, Zach Washburn, Byrne Media’s director of business development, and Brian McMillin, Neapolitan Labs’ president, partnered together to create a new website for Byrne Media’s client, Visit Clemson.

“Visit Clemson was an opportunity for us to support Byrne Media by building the client a new website, while Byrne Media was able to market the website via digital and traditional media platforms,” Brian says.

The homepage of the Visit Clemson website displayed on a computer screen.Visit Clemson, our first website launched with Byrne Media.

Since then, we’ve developed websites and landing pages for some of Byrne Media’s other business clients, including Harbin Lumber, a regional lumber company with offices and locations in South Carolina and Georgia.

“Working predominately with small/medium-sized businesses in the Carolinas, it is rare to find a trusted website company that can excel in several types of industries, while staying on task,” Zach says. “Neapolitan Labs’ creativity and willingness to adapt to any kind of company works extremely well with our consultative approach.”

We’re thrilled that this partnership has not only grown our footprint throughout South Carolina but has also given us the opportunity to develop websites for a new industry: media stations like WHHI and Easy Radio 105.9.

“Each of our stations are very unique, thus required a tailored approach,” Zach explains. “Neapolitan Labs has done a great job to give the listeners/viewers of our respected stations an online platform and website we can all be proud of. We have seen tremendous early response from our listeners, viewers, and advertisers!”

We’re so grateful to Zach and his team for the opportunities they’ve provided us and look forward to launching more station and business websites for them this year and beyond.

Neapolitan Labs does much more than just build websites, they truly understand how to create a virtual storefront to maximize our businesses' goals.

Zach WashburnDirector of Business Development, Byrne Media
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