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Our project manager, Kimber Box, keeps our team on time and focused. Her commitment to order and deadlines is a vital piece to meeting client’s needs.

“Project management came from my obsession with organization,” Kimber explains. “My passion is really just to keep things on track, in their spot, in order, and on time. That just helps my brain. It is a huge stress reliever for me.”

Kimber plans out project timelines and checks in on team member progress to ensure we meet our deadlines and, when possible, deliver projects earlier. She works with team members to make sure they have what they need to keep deliverables on time.

“I like being able to bring that peace to the chaos because I know for a lot of people, it’s not their strong suit,” Kimber says.

In addition to her project management skills, Kimber has a strong background in graphic design. She uses her artistic talents to design ads, WordPress sites, forms, print materials, and more for our clients.

“I love art; I love that creative outlet,” Kimber says. “People give you their ideas and say ‘I don’t know how to make this work or what this will look like,’ and it’s just bringing that to life and seeing their reaction.”

Most recently, Kimber put her graphic design skills to work for our Area 15 small business clients. She’s designed clean and user-friendly sites that bring the atmosphere of their businesses to an online experience.

It’s that from nothing to something extraordinary that I like with graphic design.

Kimber BoxProject Manager

Kimber grew up in Ottumwa, Iowa before heading off to Cedar Falls to pursue her love of art at the University of Northern Iowa.

“I ended up loving it up here,” Kimber says of Cedar Falls. “And I told my husband, then boyfriend, that I wasn’t coming home — that was a fun conversation. I just knew I was meant to live up here.”

Kimber and her husband, Adam, compromised by moving to a small town outside of Cedar Falls. There they live with their 2 ½-year-old son, Everett, and a beloved family dog.

Kimber and Brian promoting Neapolitan Labs at a conference.

Career-wise, Kimber worked for a graphic design firm in the area until 2017, when she changed paths by joining Neapolitan Labs — whose president she has a special connection to.

“Brian’s wife is actually my sister-in-law,” Kimber explains. “We’re in-laws in the sense of we’re related but kind of not. I say we’re the in-law in-laws.”

When Kimber’s time at the graphic design firm ended, Brian saw it as the perfect opportunity to utilize her skills and grow the business.

“She’s stepped up to fill so many roles for our growing company, from managing social media to communicating with clients to representing Neapolitan Labs at industry conferences,” Brian says.

One of Kimber’s favorite parts of working for Neapolitan Labs is not only her family dynamic with Brian but her relationships with all of her team members.

“I feel like a family with all of us,” she says. “It’s more than a working relationship of getting things done and crossing it off your list. It’s wanting to really dig into each other’s lives and get to know each other.”

Kimber's project management ability plays a huge role in our success. She takes ownership of projects and ensures they are delivered with the highest quality.

Daniel GalarzaChief Technology Officer

As the Neapolitan Labs team continues to grow, one of Kimber’s goals is to find new project management solutions.

“With project management, there is always room for improvement,” Kimber explains. “Everyone has their own process and own way of doing things. It’s really about finding that tool that works for everybody.”

Even when she’s not on the job, Kimber’s skills are at work. In her free time, she likes working on landscaping and DIY projects around her home.

“I love interior design on top of graphic design and finding that perfect piece that’s going to fit in our house — and it has to be perfect because I’m a minimalist,” Kimber says.

If Kimber had it her way, she would love to take her skills to the next level by taking on the challenge of living in a tiny home — but that’s not a challenge her husband is as keen on trying.

“I just think it would be so fun to have no stuff but the bare minimum and make it work,” Kimber says.

If I’m having a stressful day or I just need some me time, you better believe I’m going to find something to organize. That’s just how I kind of cleanse my soul and do what I need to do.

Kimber BoxProject Manager

We are so thankful to have someone who loves organization so much on our team, and we know that it makes each of us better to have her managing our project deadlines, not to mention all of the other talents she provides.

All of our clients love working with Kimber, and we couldn't be happier to have her on our team.

Brian McMillinPresident
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