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The Neapolitan Labs team is continuing to grow!

Late last year, we hired Stephanie Hernandez as our director of enterprise sales, and last month we hired Becki Clayton as our sales director. Stephanie has a background in client management, and Becki’s expertise has come from time in the healthcare and trade industries.

As Neapolitan Labs expands its product and service offerings, we believe expanding our sales team is the next natural step. We have also expanded our tech team which allows us to take on more volume of projects and not sacrifice attention or service to existing clients.

Caley LewisChief Business Officer

Becki Clayton, Sales Director

We’re so excited to see how they expand our footprint, bringing our products to more business owners and organizations in need of website development and advertising and social media services. 

“The product that Neapolitan Labs has is so clean and concise,” Becki shares. “It is easy to use, and I just want to push all of that in every industry.”

Becki will be working with a variety of industries, including school districts, election offices, convention and visitor bureaus, and more. 

“I’m excited to actually get out and meet the clients, putting a face to an email,” she says of her next steps. “I want to promote the knowledge that this team has and the capabilities.”

Our sales team members will be working on lead generation, reaching out to potential clients and introducing them to Neapolitan Labs and how we can assist them and their businesses.

Stephanie’s sales goals for this year include generating as much revenue as possible and expanding to five new markets — though she’s a little bias towards one geographical market in particular.

Stephanie Hernandez, Director of Enterprise Sales

“I would love to increase our clientele list in my home state of Florida,” she says. “But, ultimately, we’re happy to service any clients in any region or state.”

Becki’s looking forward to following leads and sharing her knowledge about how our services can make life easier for potential clients.

“I think Neapolitan Labs does have a niche in our industry and a wonderful product and a great team,” Becki says. “Plus, there’s the affordability factor and that you can add to and build upon the products — I’m excited to be able to share that knowledge.”

We’re ecstatic to have them on board and glad they’ve enjoyed their time so far as part of our team — even though all of it has been a bit unusual during pandemic times.

“I am super excited for what the year has in store for Neapolitan Labs,” Stephanie says. “And I am so proud and appreciative of how much our team has thrived during such an unpredictable time.”

We’re thankful for all of Becki’s and Stephanie’s hard work and look forward to seeing their team progress and grow.

We are excited for all of the growth happening and are looking forward to now expanding our client roster even further!

Caley LewisChief Business Officer
Ashley English

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