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Over this last year, the Neapolitan Labs team has grown, and we are so thankful that includes Stephanie Hernandez, our director of enterprise sales.

Stephanie Hernandez, director of enterprise sales

“Stephanie has been a pivotal piece in expanding our client base and I am excited to see how she continues to blossom and grow within Neapolitan Labs,” says Caley Lewis, Neapolitan Labs’ chief business officer.

Stephanie joined the team in late 2020 and has already been critical in signing on new county and auditor clients.

“I like helping the community find products and solutions that support their online presence,” Stephanie explains. “This is really important as everything is online now, and I like being able to help counties and schools transition and find ways to easily connect with their community.”

Stephanie brings a unique perspective to our sales team with a background in client management experience, communications, and advertising.

“I wanted the opportunity to work in a client-facing position that provides value for both the customer and company,” Stephanie says. “I’m looking forward to improving the skills I’ve acquired through client management and applying them in the sales field.”

My favorite thing about working with Stephanie is the energy she brings to the team!

Caley LewisChief Business Officer

Stephanie got connected to Neapolitan Labs during an internship at OpenX where she met Caley.

“Stephanie was an intern working in the PR/Comms department, and she made sure to connect with people across the company, and I happened to be one of them,” Caley shares. “Our desks also faced each other so she was my neighbor!”

We’re so glad they met there, and now Caley and Stephanie continue to work closely together, along with Becki Clayton, our sales director.

“I love the people I work with, everyone is very creative and entrepreneurial,” Stephanie says. “Brian [our president] and Caley built a great brand, and I always find myself learning something new about the industry which is very rewarding to me.”

As Stephanie continues to excel in her position, she looks forward to breaking into new markets and expanding her skills.

“I believe in the vision of Neapolitan Labs and am passionate about the services it provides,” Stephanie says. “I anticipate our target to expand into other different types of organizations, with the goal of spreading the word of our capabilities to businesses big and small.”

Stephanie’s passion for connecting with and assisting others gives her a natural edge in sales but is most evident in her work with Volo City Kids Foundation as an NYC Junior Board Member.

“My efforts include helping the junior board achieve its fundraising goals as well as grow the brand awareness of Volo City Kids through social media and other digital outlets,” Stephanie says. “I also help with recruiting new junior board members and help identify and establish corporate and community relationships to grow the organization as a whole.”

When not working or volunteering, Stephanie connects with her own loved ones and finds time to relax with yoga sessions.

“I do it a couple of times a week and have aspirations to become a yoga teacher on the side one day,” Stephanie says.

We are so inspired by all of Stephanie’s ambitions, goals, and hard work! We’re so grateful to have her as part of the Neapolitan Labs team and look forward to the day she leads us in a yoga session.

Stephanie is always positive, joyful, and energetic. She takes that energy into every project she has, and you can see it in her communications internally and externally.

Caley LewisChief Business Officer
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