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Have you ever looked for information about local cemeteries and come up short? Or, for government employees, have you been on the receiving end of questions about local cemeteries?

That was the case for our client, Crawford County, last year. After receiving many questions about their cemeteries, they compiled information about each one and wanted to add it to their website along with an interactive map of the cemetery locations.

“We went to Neapolitan with an idea about adding cemeteries to our website and they knocked it out of the park.”

Amy PieperCrawford County Deputy Auditor & Historic Preservation Commissioner

Example of Crawford County's cemetery list and the information they include for each.We worked with the Crawford County Auditor’s Office to expand our standard Cemeteries module to include a spot to upload an image, write a description, and include contact information. The standard version included the cemetery name, directions via Google Maps, and township information.

In Crawford County’s case, their cemetery images and description were all included in one high-quality image. Now, their residents can click on each cemetery to bring up the image to learn about each one.

As part of the image, Crawford County has also included for each cemetery a photo of a headstone and research about the person laid to rest beneath it. This attention to detail brings to light more history about the area and gives history enthusiasts a challenge to find the depicted headstone when touring the county’s cemeteries. We love this extra touch!

If you’re interested in expanding your county’s cemetery page or have ideas for similar enhancements, contact us today!

We have heard a lot of feedback that people are having so much fun going on little adventures to find the headstone in each cemetery. Exactly the results we were hoping for... thanks, Neapolitan!

Amy PieperCrawford County Deputy Auditor & Historic Preservation Commissioner
Ashley English

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