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Last month, Neapolitan Labs turned seven years old, and to mark the occasion, we’ve launched a new version of our flagship Mint Chip Lab platform.

Upgraded version of Mint Chip Lab homepage on desktop and mobile.

With Mint Chip Lab being used by clients to manage more than 100 websites, we felt like the time had come to upgrade the interface and implement a large number of new features that had been part of our wishlist.

Kimber BoxSenior Project Manager, Neapolitan Labs

For our clients who use our classic Mint Chip Lab platform, you’ve probably noticed the color refresh (Mint Chip is now rocking a mintier shade of green). While the new color palette is fun, our primary goal was to ensure that the site meets accessibility standards, testing that our text and background colors are always meeting contrast best practices.

Beyond the accessibility update, Mint Chip Lab’s tips and information sections are undergoing a consistency makeover.

New "Inside Scoop" tips and warnings in Mint Chip Lab.

Our new tips and warning style include:

  • Inside Scoop (ice cream icon): Tips and recommendations for a field
  • Warnings (exclamation point icon): Requirements for a field
  • Description: Explanations on how to use a field or where it will appear on the front end of the site.

In addition to these aesthetic changes, other updates include:

  • New homepage announcements from Neapolitan Labs
  • Updated meta field character counts
  • Additional tips, warnings, and descriptions (with more to come)

We’re so excited about this update and look forward to continuing this rollout to more modules and our other platforms, including Mint Chip Lab Elections.

Successes in Year 7

We’re thrilled to have expanded our clients once again this year, entering more Iowa counties and states, including Mississippi and North Carolina thanks to Ellington Broadcasting and Catalyst Chiropractic, respectively.

Map of the United States of America, showing the states Neapolitan Labs has clients in (Arizona, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georigia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and New York.

12 States

Neapolitan Labs has clients in 78 of Iowa's 99 counties.

78 Iowa Counties

As Iowa’s number one county government website provider, we’ve now developed sites for 22 counties with one more to launch this month — and we’re thrilled to have a new county government client in Alabama on board for the coming year.

We can’t wait to see what year eight brings and thank our team and clients for making it all possible!

Ashley English

Ashley graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in political science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. After graduating, her career path in a variety of industries (political campaigns, education, outdoor recreation, and tourism among others) strengthened her skills in writing, graphic design, social media marketing, photography, and proofreading. | (515) 999-5221